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After 10 years of implementing the 457 (skilled worker visa) regimes, the Australian Department of Immigration has decided to adjust some of the contents. This decision will create more opportunities for Vietnamese workers to work in Australia in the near future.

Jobs in Australia are increasingly diverse in the fields such as agriculture, farms, restaurants, hotels, nail, receptionists, mechanics, waiters, laborers, domestic workers. The base salary is from Australia $ 44,000 to $ 70,000 Australian or higher, depending on your ability. This amount plus the pension is 9% of the base salary. One week worked for 38 hours, one year for a 4-week off and 10 days for a 10-day sick off. If working overtime, the overtime wage is calculated from 1.5 to 2.0 times the normal wage from about $ 22 to $ 50 per hour, depending on the industry.

The Vietnamese community in Australia is quite numerous, ranking sixth among foreign communities living in Australia. They are concentrated in developed cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.... However, Australia has many options with different lifestyles. There are many Vietnamese who have succeeded in establishing a career in Australia. They have quite comfortable life and even abundant. If fishing is the strength in Queensland, in Sydney or Melbourne, the Vietnamese can work as tailors, babysitters, private restaurants, and so on. In the Western Australia, Vietnamese’s vegetable farms are appreciated by the quality and variety.

Australia currently has a shortage of workers in many industries, which annually receives tens thousands of Vietnamese workers. According to the Australian Department of Immigration, workers who wish to work in Australia must meet three conditions: First of all, it is necessary to have a professional qualification or diploma, which is well-trained in accordance with the requirements of the employer's occupation and at the same time the laborer must have work experience certified in writing by the employer that the workers have worked in the country.

Secondly, workers must have a level of English standard set by Australia. Specifically: professionals, technicians must have IELTS1 certificate; IELTS 2 (International Certificate of Accreditation) is required for all occupations.

Thirdly, everyone has to go through an Australian professional agency, when the agency certifies that a degree, professional qualification and foreign language meet the requirements of the job, the new employee is considered visa to Australia to work. Specifically, the Federal Institute of Technology examines proficiency and foreign language for professionals and technicians; The Council for Professional Skill Assessment examines other labors.

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