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Germany has more than great cars, cozy Biergartens, and magnificent castles: The country in the heart of Europe is also famous for its high quality of life, large cities like Berlin and Munich is often listed as the 10 most livable cities in the world. There are also many other things that make the life in Germany extremely unique - and certainly add to the high quality living environment.

Germany has a long history of development so the culture and people of Germany always look elegant, hospitable. Come to Germany you will study in a pure environment, close to the reality of life. During your internship you have many opportunities to visit European countries and learn about European culture.

Germany is not only a leading economic power in Europe, but also an ideal export destination for many Vietnamese. Come to Germany, it opens the opportunity to develop yourself in a civilized, disciplined and high-income work environment. One of the prerequisites for people wishing to work in

Germany is the qualification requirements of the job applicants, particularly the German proficiency. As Germany is a developed country with a modern working environment, it is necessary for highly qualified and skilled workers.

According to the experienced experts in the German labor market, the highly qualified workers (such as masters, doctoral students with internationally recognized research), or the good experience workers when going to Germany, you will be appreciated by the companies here and paid the salaries and reasonable compensations.

However, in the terms of common ground, the requirements for a candidate's educational qualifications to enter the German labor market is graduated from high school.

In addition to the educational qualifications, the German ability of the employees is also essential, and this is a compulsory requirement for you to integrate into the social environment in Germany, to start working smoothly, smoothly and efficiently.

Germany is the most developed country in Europe as well as in the world. Working here is no different than "the paradise" with modern work environments, attractive salaries, and many extremely high treatment regimes. Therefore, the export of German labors is always a dream of many people.

Germany is very strong in the manufacturing industry, mechanics, food processing .. and this is the opportunity for workers in Vietnam. Workers in fields such as welding workers, mechanics, food processing always have the opportunities to work here.

In recent years, there have been more applications recruited for agricultural workers to work jobs such as picking oranges and collecting clean vegetables on farms. Besides, they also need more lawn mowers, gardeners with attractive salaries. The high salaries and long-term working hours can be up to 3 or 5 years. Therefore, after the end of working time, the workers can also bring back a considerable amount of capitals to build their future.


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