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if you are an employers in Australia and you are needing your skill employees or Employees in Oversea. You should concern this content. The basic requirement recruiting oversea workers that you need to register Sponsorship for employers. but the problem in here, apply this Sponsor you need to have some 

- Show all your documents about your organization, tax, finance .. incomes

- Pay a bit big money for Sponsor fees

- Wait from 1 week to 03 month you will receive your confirm letter of approved evidence

- Almost proccess must be done by Lawyer office and continue pay for these services, if your sponsor letter be dennied by Australia  office and then you have to renew one and continue to pay for it. and next .. that will wast your time, Money and be losen in hardly employees. Here our working solution for this.

Our Booking travel immigration will apply and guide you free that you do not need to pay any fees for this. you only need to provide your documents of comapny. anway your being dennied sponsor we will renew one without require your fees and aslo we will supply your losen employees while you are applying sponsor on us.

Our advice you :

Do not wait until your needing employees in urgent so you should apply through us more earlier, we will absolute that your information will be kept in our secure ways. You should go ahead a plan. if you think you are busy we can help you to arrange it fit again. you do not need to busy on it. we are your new solutions from Oversea now.

Your Valuable company when you have Sponsor register paper

- You can use it in 5 years or more than 

- When your registration be expired we will renew one for you , more easier than other.


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We are an immigration organization in the South of Viet Nam. We support clients in Australia Visa and immigration. our Establishment since 2008. 

come us, you can receive follows

1. If you are an employer australia

- We give you visa services, and register your sponsor in free

- We will support you to find right skill employees and employees in easy ways

2. If you are Australian want to move in Viet nam

- You want to travel

- You may want to transfer your Visa , and sponsor job in Viet nam

- You want to increase your visa time

3. If you are an Australia investor 

- You want to research Viet nam market

- You want to find land, rent land, warehouse ..

- You want to set up a company in Viet nam

- You want to find Viet nam employees

4. If you want to get marry with Vietnamese

- You like to get marry with Vietnamese , or arrange your Visa marry


Address : Number 107, Hoang Huu Nam Street, Tan Phu ward, District 9, Ho chi minh city

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About Booking travel Australia clients

THE BLEO GROUPS / Since 2008


Australia is known as the paradise of weather and climate, especially for Asian communities, including Vietnam. The natural area is large and diverse so Australia has a special agricultural development and many famous products around the world such as fresh fruits of all kinds, beef, and seafood. Australia also owns the largest parks and national parks in the world, in the major cities of Australia also interwoven many beautiful and large green parks, which make the lives of residents here peaceful and beautiful.

Owning the pleasant climate, the romantic and modern scenery, Australia attracts many Vietnamese visitors every year due to its character, charm, and cultural beauty. In order to control the immigration situation as well as the large number of tourists entering Australia, the government and the Australian Immigration Service check the applicant's profile more closely. In many cases many people want to come to Australia, but they still cannot get a visa.

Traveling Australia to get to Kangaroo Island, a land of beautiful nature and exotic experiences with stretches of deserts, pristine beaches and beautiful islands, guests will enjoy the mysterious beauty of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and enjoy the opera at the Opera House or play with the mischievous Kangaroos, experience the modern, beautiful and new life, find out the culture and people to seek opportunities.


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VISA is a visa, an administrative document confirming that someone is allowed entry or exit in the visa issuing country.

There are many types of visa to visit Australia: Visa, study abroad, visiting relatives, work, settlement.... But to make a visa to Australia has the following common pattern:

  • Passport valid for 06 months
  • Figure 4x6
  • Judicial Records
  • Household
  • Birth certificate
  • ID card
  • Declaration of relatives
  • Visa application form
  • Business license / labor contract
  • Marriage certificate (if married)

Australia is one of the five countries which are worth living in the world. And you are planning to visit Australia to visit relatives, to travel, work or study, but it is difficult to obtain a visa to travel in Australia, you need to prepare the full and correct all the papers and have to pass an interview with the Australian Embassy.

Thus you go to BLEO GROUPS’ Australian visa application service. We will provide you with the visa application package in the shortest possible time and the most economical. You will definitely have the best record to achieve the highest Australian visa pass rate


Immigration to Australia and studying in Australia is a hot topic for those who want to change their lives. Australian immigration are widely chosen as places where you desire a good future, where they can fulfill their desire to live in a land that is worth living, enjoying the very best in social welfare care in the world, free health, education support ...

Australia passport is among the top 10 passports in the world, can go to 140 countries in the world without Visa. In addition, Australia has a policy to allow dual nationality, so when you have Australian citizenship you still have the right to hold Vietnamese citizenship

The most important goal for immigration is having Permanent Resident (commonly called PR). Once you have PR, 99% of them have completed their migration. As with Visa PR, you have all the rights of an Australian citizen, such as Medicare (free government health care), home incentives, study incentives ... you are only lack of the right to vote.

The most important and difficult problem if you want to settle in Australia is the foreign language ability. If you want to settle in this country, the most important thing is to have a good foreign language to ensure permanent residence here.

Australian Passport is one of the top 10 passports in the world. When people have the opportunity to own a passport of this country, they can travel to 140 countries without having to apply for a visa.

Australian skilled migrations are the easiest way to settle in Australia and the cost is very low compared to others (investment, self-employment, guarantee, etc.). The Australian Government has a number of occupational preferences for employment, working experience, working age and English proficiency. For advice on Australian skilled migration applications as well as application fees, please contact BLEO GROUPS Immigration for detailed advice.


107 Hoang Huu Nam Street, Tan Phu Ward, District 9, HCM City

Tel : +84 2.837.252.364 – Fax : 02.837.252.366 – Email :