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if you are an employers in canada and you are needing your skill employees or Employees in Oversea. You should concern this content. The basic requirement recruiting oversea workers that you need to register LMIA for employers. but the problem in here, apply this Lmia you need to have some 

- Show all your documents about your organization, tax, finance

- Pay a bit big money for LMIA

- Wait from 1 week to 06 month you will receive your confirm letter of LMIA 

- Almost proccess must be done by Lawyer office and continue pay for these services, if your LMIA be dennied by CIC office and then you have to renew one and continue to pay for it. and next .. that will wast your time, Money and be losen in hardly employees. Here our working solution for this.

Our Booking travel immigration will apply and guide you free that you do not need to pay any fees for this. you only need to provide your documents of comapny. anway your being dennied LMIA we will renew one without require your fees and aslo we will supply your losen employees while you are applying LIMA on us.

Our advice you :

Do not wait until your needing employees in urgent so you should apply through us more earlier, we will absolute that your information will be kept in our secure ways.

we are your new solutions from Oversea now.

Your Valuable company when you have LMIA register paper

- You can use it in 5 years or more than 

- When your registration be expired we will renew one for you , more easier than other.


- Address Ho chi minh office : Number 107 , Hoang Huu Nam Street , Tan Phu Ward, District 9, Ho CHi Minh City, The South of Viet Nam

- Te: +842837.272.360 (UTC time) - Email : - Website : 

- Facebook : bleo corp 

- Skypie : bleogroups

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Canada is the second largest country in the world, with its wild, mysterious beauty and numerous architectural wonders, so Canada is desirable destination for millions of travelers all over the world.

Canada is not only attracting tourists around the world with beautiful cities but also outstanding architectural attractions such as CN Tower, Casa Loma, galleries and world-class galleries. Nature also offers Canada the spectacular natural scenery such as the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, the Nahanni National Park Reserve, the Niagara Falls, the Dinosaur Provincial Park, and Scenic Drives, which welcome to millions of visitors every year.

With four distinct seasons, activities such as winter skiing, springtime to New Year's Day or travel Canadian summer and contemplate Canadian fall, highlighted by the leaves that often turn orange and red so you can choose any time you find reasonable to experience.

Canada's major cities are often interconnected and easily accessible by means such as planes, ferries, public buses, taxis, trains and private vehicles so Canada’s traffic is very good and extremely coherent.

And the most noticeable is Canada is suitable for the trips because you will not have to spend too much on a self-sufficient trip because the Canadian currency is worth less than the US dollar and the price here is affordable for dining with rich cuisine, traveling with a variety of facilities and staying in many forms.

Many advantages that Canada is blessed with climate, geography, a developed country with a stable economy with good social life, health and education which makes visitors, foreigner students and many entrepreneurs around here converge to experience, study and work.

B-COMEX / international Labor

107 Hoang Huu Nam street, Tan Phu ward, District 9, HCM city

Tel : 02.837.252.362 – Fax : 02.837.252.366 – Email :

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Dear Viewers and other concerning members. 

We are immigration office in Viet Nam, We established in 2010 with 10 employees and lawyers. with our actions are recruiter, Visa clients and training skill employees. Our purpose is supplying skill employees standard to Australia, Canada, USA, Korea, japan. We have 03 office in Viet Nam.

- Office in Ha Noi

- Office in Ho Chi Minh city

- Office in Can Tho city

Our supplying skill employees for you in fast speech as some industries

- Restaurant employees

- Hospital 

- Supermarket

- Welder

- Mechanic workers

- butcher

- Farm employees

- Nursing

- Health care, Beauty

- Pip-line

- Builder

- Construction engineer

- Pip line engineer

- Designer engineer

- Other engineers that depend on your requirements

Our character employees

- Speak english , depend each of position

- Have professional skills

- Passed multi-culture class

- Good health

- Cleaning crime

Your benefit from us

- Free apply aponsorship approved paper

- Fast speech entry as your needed

- Absolute no crime

- Absolute to keep timing in contract at least

- We can apply Visa for employees in Subclass (186,187,482)

- Be sure secure informations


- Tel :+ 84.2837252364 - Email : 

- Website :