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Germany is a world famous country with treasures of human cultural heritages, magnificent palaces and extraordinary street festivals. Traveling to Germany, you can visit the world famous cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt ...

Berlin will be a special destination that is suitable for travelers interested in exploring the history and culture of the countries. You can easily see museums or art galleries along the streets such as the German History Museum, the DDR Berlin Museum, etc. Seeing the sunset along by the Spree River - one of 14 the most beautiful rivers in Europe that will be the romantic experience that couples should try when visiting this peaceful city.


As the second largest city in Germany, along with the seaport of the same name, Hamburg is the place where Europe's most exciting seafaring services happen. The port city on the Baltic Sea is an ideal stopover for your German trip. Popular attractions including the Hamburger Rathaus with elaborate sandstone Baroque architecture was built elaborately every detail where there is a large square decorated many statues in front of this campus.

Besides, Germany is famous for a lot of romantic and poetic scenery. German cuisine is unique and attractive such as sandwiches, scallops, wines, beers with famous brands and perennials.

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