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There are many people interested in German investment because it is an opportunity for investors to find business opportunities, reaching the potential customers in foreign markets. In particular, we will be granted an investment visa by the German government, which will make it easy for you to travel in Europe without legal obstacles.

Highlights of the issuance of Germany investor visa

In Germany, the government here has abolished the minimum investment limit, concentrating only on whether our investment project succeeded or failed, whether it was effective or not. Therefore, being granted investor visa is considerably easier than other OECD countries.

Get an immigration permit in Germany for free business purposes

- For non-EU business owners wishing to register in Germany, a business immigration permit is required for self-investment. This type of permit is issued in the following cases:

+ Economic benefits and local demand for all business activities of enterprises.

+ Positive economic impact from investment projects.

+ There is sufficient capital for the planned investments.

- The local immigration office will evaluate what criteria are met for the project. Specifically, those criteria include:

+ Feasibility of the project.

+ The experience of the operator.

+ The amount of capital that can be invested in the project.

+ Ability to create jobs for the local, solve unemployment.

+ The ability to contribute to the development of the regional economy of Germany.

In recent years, Vietnam's strong economic growth has created opportunities for medium-sized businesses in Germany to seek business opportunities. Up to now, Vietnamese businesses have only 17 investment projects in force in Germany with a total capital of $ 92 million. Enterprises activate in the fields of finance and banking, catering and accommodation, real estate, informatics, trading business ... With the efforts of Vietnamese enterprises when investing in Germany, the investment business has achieved considerable effects.



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